Our Customers Have This to Say...

"PDI has served as our primary warehouse and distribution point for over 5 years and has handled our daily work requests efficiently and cost effectively.  The PDI team has worked with us as a true partner and has helped us grow our business by working on solutions to our challenges and projects that ultimately has made us a better company. An organized and reliable logistics team is critical to our success and it is with full confidence that  we have partnered with PDI to fill that role."  DS

"We have been partnered with PDI since 1990. Their level of service has been exemplary throughout this 20 year stretch. Be it warehousing or special requests by our customers, we have always been able to count on the PDI team to get it done! They understand the stringent GMP guidelines that need to be followed for handling pharmaceutical ingredients. Some years ago, two of our employee's left our company in order to go into business for themselves in the nutritional field. They both hired PDI for their warehousing needs. I would consider this further evidence of PDI's commitment and reliability. I would highly recommend PDI for your warehousing needs!"  DL

"I have been a customer with PDI for 15 + years. PPI is very dependable, consistent, trustworthy and always willing to go the extra mile to accommodate any last minute changes. I have always been 100% satisfied with all of their dedicated efforts. They have never missed a deadline! The staff is always available, knowledgeable, professional and willing to help in improving our processes and also in suggesting cost savings measures for the future. Hats off to their organization!" Sincerely, Jack Poli

"PD TRANSPORTATION has been a god sent since inception 2 years ago. Their trucks are clean, well maintained and efficient! Their drivers are professional and always on time with deliveries and pickups! Communication from their dispatch is very consistent on a daily basis. I always know where my product is any time of the day. Best of all, my product moves from their warehouse directly to my customer, no LTL headaches, no damages, dedicated trucks!! Their prices are very competitive with all other truckers. Best of all, knowing that my product is their trucks, makes me very satisfied and worry free. Hats off to PDt!!! I will continue using their trucking services forever!" Sincerely, John Milnowski

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